Working today to change tomorrow


We put women first

We believe every woman has the potential to make great change. Women need the tools to act for themselves. Sister Power is about helping women unlock that empowerment within themselves, and find their voice.

Strengthen local women’s groups

Partnering with organisations that are full of remarkable women doing remarkable work. We amplify their impact by opening opportunities for them.

Promote real change for equality

The challenges facing women are systemic. Women need the tools to play a leading role in changing theirs and their children’s future.  We will provide women with access to information, so they know their rights and how to access information. Skills so they can start and grow their own businesses or find employment. 

Smarter program

SPA has one purpose to give each woman the confidence they need to build better lives for themselves, their families and communities through skills training and education. We are continually seeking out better ways to work and are not afraid to change our approach if we discover a better alternative.

Sharing and learning

We are not secretive or protective. We collaborate generously with all our partners. Working together is at the very heart of success.


We respect and value the diversity; the similarities and differences within SPA. The standards we hold reflect the respect we have for each other and ourselves.


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