Imagine If

Imagine the difference a world full of confident, connected and active women can make to the future.

Our members are all different shapes and sizes, with differing needs. Together we share a vision, an understanding, a commitment to, and belief in, the power of “women”. 

Let’s look at our strengths as we look to our future. We are Sister Power Australia (SPA), with a Vision to value all women. We are a programme for women to empower women, so that what they do is valued as much as the women themselves. 

We are of and for the communities we operate in. Sharing the experience that will transformed the lives of Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) women. Together, we can use this collective strength on the ground to transform CALD women’s lives and make positive changes in communities. 

SPA’s ambition is to provide the best personal development, sustainability and leadership opportunities possible to CALD women. We also aim to make a real and lasting impact on the community, so that CALD women know and feel they are valued, and that they can lead the change in their families as well as their communities. 


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